About Kinoklub Zagreb


Kinoklub Zagreb is a non-profit amateur film club, founded in 1928 in Zagreb, Croatia. Our main goal is to promote amateur filmmaking by providing our members with free access to filmmaking equipment and editing rooms, as well as distribution advice and constant education through workshops, cinematheque screenings and film discussions.

Kinoklub Zagreb has the greatest number of films produced in the history of Croatian film - we are estimating some 2500 films have been made since 1928, with 75 films being shot in 2017 alone. Our films have been in competition programs in festivals such as Rotterdam, Oberhausen, Tampere, Sarajevo, as well as many other local festivals, where they have won numerous awards. 

We organize several workshops, the most known being our Film School - a beginner's workshop held three times per year, meant to educate our new members in the technical and amateur approach to filmmaking. We also organize at least six advanced workshops per year, diverse in their topics and approach. So far, we have held workshops on scriptwriting, film criticism, short fiction films, documentary and experimental films, music videos, one-take films, road movies, film clichés and numerous others. 

We also organize weekly cinematheque screenings, programmed by our members - any member can propose a film cycle based on a certain topic/author/genre and present it at the club. Alongside this, we hold weekly film discussions, analyzing short films or film excerpts, and monthly experimental film screenings and discussions, analyzing the works of Croatian and international authors. 


Trg žrtava fašizma 14
10000 Zagreb - CROATIA
Mail: kkz@kkz.hrinternational@kkz.hr
Mobile: +385 97 752 3628